Elegant, persuasive copy

We're a family business of three people who share a love of language. We'd love to help your business thrive, with compelling, well-crafted copy in all your communications. Whether it be in Shakespearean sonnets or marketing mottos, the English language is astonishingly subtle and versatile, and our aim with every client is to use it to its full potential – in your website, your social media and advertising, your internal communications or anything else.

We're based in Bath, UK and Cognac, France, and we work with clients in the UK, America and France.

Meet the team

MikeMike read Classics and music at Oxford University a very long time ago. A career in IT which required writing accurate and comprehensive technical documentation was followed by another when in 2002 he co-founded what later became the most popular e-cards company in the world. In this new role his linguistic abilities were targeted at marketing, and he soon discovered the power of accurate, well-written English to drive sales. Twenty years later, McLintock Creative Services is still contracted to write copy for jacquielawson.com, although these days it's Meg and Robin who undertake the bulk of the work, leaving Mike free to explore new ideas – as well as improving his command of the French language. He lives near Cognac, in the Charente region of southwest France.


RobinRobin studied maths and theology at Exeter, and then in a surprising change of direction, he decided that he loved the English language so much he wanted to teach it to other people. He took the Cambridge CELTA course in double-quick time, and left for Brazil where he taught for three years at Cultura Inglesa, a private English school, rising quickly through the ranks to end up teaching the most advanced adult students. His love of language and his understanding of its structure enables him to compose clear, persuasive and imaginative copy, while he keeps all of us on our toes with regard to grammatical and linguistic accuracy. His hobbies include playing chess and the violin.


MegMeg read philosophy at Reading University, which left her with the ability to argue almost any case from any viewpoint – undoubtedly a handy skill for certain marketing projects! A natural talent for organisation – both of herself and of others – gives her a pivotal role in the company; while a flair for composing snappy phrases and eye-catching headlines makes her our go-to person for banners, advertisements, and social media posts. In quieter moments she enjoys playing the cello and guitar, and a stint in hospitality means she can pull a decent pint or mix an indulgent cocktail.


How we work

The essential starting point for any new client is a thorough understanding of their objectives, which means spending time to become familiar not just with their products or services but with their customer base, their history, and their philosophy and approach to business. Once that's achieved, we'll happily take on anything from an hour or so per month to a day or more per week. We can provide you with copy for your website or promotional materials; we can write full-length articles for blogs or print; we can prepare newsletters, FAQs, letters and emails to be sent to your clients. We can suggest copy for social media posts, or we can even take on the whole of your social media management.

We're very familiar with the requirements of search engine optimisation, so any copy destined for web publishing will take that into account, and we can tailor our copy to your specific SEO targets.

We will never charge you for any work with which you are not happy, and we will always rewrite anything you don't like until you are completely satisfied.

drapeau françaiset pour les entreprises françaises ...

Nous sommes spécialisés dans la rédaction de textes en anglais pour des clients français. Dites-nous ce que vous voulez communiquer et nous vous donnerons une bonne traduction en anglais idiomatique adapté à votre public cible. Qu'il s'agisse du menu saisonnier d'un restaurant de village, des étiquettes de votre grand cru bordelais ou du service financier de haute technologie que vous commercialisez auprès de vos clients londoniens, nous pouvons vous garantir que votre message ne sera pas obscurci par une mauvaise utilisation de la langue anglaise.

Pour plus d'informations, contactez Mike à mike@mclintock.fr.

Some of our clients

jacquielawson.comJacquie Lawson   An extraordinary success story of the "dot com" era, Jacquie Lawson's website went from nothing to one of the most popular ecard companies in the world in the space of five years. It's still the leader in its market and we're proud to have had a significant role in that success. Almost since the beginning, all the editorial content for the brand – website, newsletters, FAQs, social media posts and so on – has been provided by McLintock Creative Services.



Hindhad Music CentreHindhead Music Centre   Providing music tuition services for nearly 50 years to children and adults across Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire, this year the HMC needed a facelift for its website, social media and marketing, and we've been delighted to take on the project.



The SalamanderThe Salamander, or the Sally, as it is affectionately known by regulars, is one of Bath's best-known and most popular pubs, with a prime city centre location and a wonderful, friendly atmosphere in its diminutive bar. We've recently been appointed to manage its website and social media accounts, keeping locals up to date with menus, drinks and events.




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